UM Buton Lecturer Scopus International Publication Journal Workshop

LPPM UM Buton collaborated to do a Workshop for the Journal of Scop international publication b in collaboration with NNHAS Makassar Photo of Ardi Toris

Present Resource Persons From PMNC Hasanuddin University Makassar

BAUBAUPOST.COM, BAUBAU- The Research and Community Service Institute of the University of Muhammadiyah Buton held a Manuscript Construction Workshop for Scopus International Publication. The speakers present were Muhammad Arsyad, Ph.D. Head of the Unhas Publication Management Center (PMC), Makassar, who is also the Accreditation Assessor of the Kemristekdikti Scientific Journal.

Arsyad explained that the purpose of this activity, First is to provide skills to lecturers to conduct international publications in reputable publications. Second, helping to target the university to get a good rating / level by increasing publication instrumental, so that it will contribute to the development of science. Third, we want to establish an Authorship Joined pattern between universities in a publication.

“So we hope that in international publications, between universities collaborate. so that we will move forward together, not leaving each other either through the International Conference or journal, “Arsyad explained.

Arsyad further reminded that it is true that SCOPUS is not playing destination, but if we can be indexed by them, then it is a form of international nomination that our journal meets international standards. Although we need not argue, because if a journal is nationally accredited “A” and indexed by DOAJ Green Thick, then it is equivalent to a Reputable International Journal.

If nationally accredited “B”, but DOAJ Green Thick indexed, then it is equivalent to international journals. That we can have “A” National Accreditation as well as SCOPUS, then both will be a magnet for both domestic and foreign writers. So it will not be less paper.

“So we hope UM Buton lecturers can enter Scopus and joint authorship with lecturers with Unhas affiliates,” said Arsyad who is also a reviewer of Scopus indexed journalists and this Japanese Kyoto Ryukoku University Alumni.

UM Chancellor Buton Suriadi, SP, MM added that through this interactive Workshop with the lecturer quarantine system can produce output in the form of manuscripts that can be published discopus and existing lecturers can teach back to other lecturers and God willing will support the accreditation process in the future and hopefully there collaboration between the UNHAS and Muhammadiyah University of Buton to create an academic climate in the campus environment that remains focused on the University’s Dharma Chess.

Chairman of LPPM UM Buton Hardin, SP, MM explained that this activity is certainly to increase the capacity of the lecturers so that they are more familiar with their Autonomy not only to conduct teaching but also moral responsibility to improve the welfare of the community through research and community service especially before Workshop on making ID Sinta, ID ORCID and ID Researcher.

Where the lecturers are expected to be easier to register in international journals because they already have a clear identity and the second stage of the workshop is the lecturer can prepare manuscripts that are in accordance with the request of the international journal SCOPUS which later if the writings of lecturers are accepted God willing, will get SCOPUS ID.

“Simply put, the lecturer not only has an ID card but there are other IDs as I have explained, and our target in the future, God willing, will host an international seminar at the University of Muhammadiyah Buton in collaboration with Hasanuddin University in Makassar and this certainly can benefit the government area, “he said

hadrdin said that his target is to be able to present approximately 100 people in Baubau City both from abroad and domestically and of course the tourism object of Baubau City is one of the references of this activity and this work will certainly start from this year to prepare all the devices and God willing in June or July 2019 can be realized.

“This can be followed by universities in Southeast Sulawesi and we plan a multidisciplinary International Journal and we have also conducted training on journal indexation so that the quality of the journals we administer can be trusted by the scientific community to include their writing in the journal that we are currently kelolah, consisting of 8 journals, namely 7 research journals and 1 community service journal, we hope that in the future the University of Muhammadiyah Buton will be increasingly trusted by the public to recommend their sons and daughters to study at the University of Muhammadiyah Buton and we also prepare intellectual property rights for research results and INNOVATION products, ” close it. (Ardi Toris/SPECIAL)

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